Dear Me after 5 Years

Hey You! It’s been 5 Years, time flies away very fast.

Anyways! I am writing this to you just to have an overview of 5 years which flies away like a butterfly.

Are you still waking up thinking you’re ugly?

Are you still sleeping and waking up thinking you are fat?

Are you still waking up with lots of thoughts and works in the morning?

Well yes! things have changed by now but yes I still wakeup thinking i am ugly.

I still sleep and wakeup thinking I am fat and as usual not making efforts.

And as time goes away I am submerged with lots of more responsibilities and new challenges and storm of thoughts running continuously in my mind. Now I more focused towards my goals and the plans I have made about my future that time had already changed.

I have lost many friends and fake peoples and gained some new people in my life with whom I had made best memories for lifetime.

You might remember the teenage you that used to use everything as an excuse to be sensitive. Well I hope things have changed by now.

My Dear past self I just wanted to let you know that things have change and will be more happy and successful when I met my future self and everything will be alright.

All those girls who manipulated me and make me feel worthless and disgusting. I just want to point out to you, that you got over it. You held your own hand and walked right out of that mess. You have now left a mark of your greatness onto society, and you will outshine all those who try to take your shine away. You are so perfect and unique. I know wherever you are, however you are; strong or miserable, you have the ultimate key that you have used, or have yet to use; the key of happiness.

I hope that by now, you have learnt to embrace your “flaws,” even though they were just things that were apart of you that you viewed as flaws.

I hope that by now, you have learnt to cherish those precious moments that you thought were tough times. I hope you look back and think of all the great opportunities to practice character those moments had brought you.

I hope you now have learnt the importance of family. You only have one set of them, cherish them and know that they have made the happy, beautiful, and successful you. Despite all the disagreements you had with your mother, you started understanding her. Despite all the immature and pathetic fights you had with your siblings, I know that they are still grateful to have your amazing-self as their sister.

I hope that you now know that having one or two best-friends that support, love, and help you realize your stupid mistakes are much, MUCH better than having 10+ friends that only use you for different purposes, and cheer you for stupidities you have done.

I hope that you have devoted your life to helping others, and continue to ask for forgiveness and spread positivity. I hope that you have now realized that the beauty of another women’s beauty is MOST DEFINITELY not the absence of your own. Continue to make your life an epic masterpiece.

Your Unintelligent

Teenage Past Self

Where Your Steps are Heading…

Hey there ! Welcome back to my blog . Its been a long time to see you all . I hope all my lovely readers are doing well.

Well today the topic on which we are going to talk about is very generalized but the serious one to look upon and most of you might got the idea from the heading . So without taking much of your time let’s start with the topic .

Where Your Steps are Heading ? I am discussing it with you because we all are moving with our lives, we all are facing many certain and uncertain circumstances almost every day . But the matter of concern is with all the ups and downs are we focused towards our goals? Are we heading towards the direction of our aim? Do we give sufficient time to our goals and priorities?

Ask Yourself ! And most of us do not give required time to our priorities most of us are busy in complaining about what we do not have rather than focusing and finding the way to achieve our desires.

Be the master of your own mind dont let your mind to control you and negativities to effect you. Don’t be the part of rat race be the one with own significance . Once you’ll be able to control your mind your emotions you’ll be able to find out where your steps are heading! You’ll be able to achieve the life you always wanted to live. You’ll be able to find your happiness.

Make your way and fight back with your hurdles đź’ž


We have end number of things that we want to achieve in our lives. We spent our whole life in fulfilling our desires and making regrets for the things which we failed to achieve. Many of us puts efforts to get the desired amenities and many laid back with the false hope of the destiny. For them who are making continuous effort to actually get things they want in their lives ” have you ever asked yourselves why you’re not able to achieve the desired results ? Where is the lack?” you might be wrong somewhere or its not just the fate who wanted you to be failure… You might also lacking some where with your efforts and techniques of doing works.

For helping you out with these situations i have some of my tips which i want to share with you all which might help you to understand the things in different way and help you to achieve your ambitions.

  1. First and the foremost trust yourself. I know i have not said something which is very new or anything which you dont know but trust me if you want to achieve your goals you have to trust yourself before anyone else.
  2. I can do it. Your attitude reflects the stronger you. The more you carry the positivity the more easier will be the path for you.
  3. Learn from the past. Every step taken by you has given few or more impact in your present life. So always try to find the most destructive things which you have done in past and try not to repeat them again.
  4. Prioritize your goals. We start getting influence from our surroundings if they have achieved something before us or more than us. Without getting depressed accept the reality and move on.
  5. Enlist the things which you actually want to achieve. There are millions of attractive things present in the world but always enlist and prioritize the things which you actually want to get rather than getting distracted and dreaming of everything available.
  6. Always clear with your intentions i.e. why do i need this? May be the dream you are chasing is not correct for you or not suits your situations. So before its too late please analyse, your dream is actually meant for you or not ?
  7. Explore new ideas available around you & meet new people & the most important share your thoughts, your feelings with your loved ones. Because you cannot get everything from your own.
  8. Last and the most powerful weapon is your Confidence. Yes!!!! Sometimes actions speaks louder than words. Let your confidence be your strength of achieving your goals. Let your confidence guide your actions at every move you take. Confidence is the only thing which let you do the things which i have mentioned above.

So i hope i have not wasted your time and given you some productive advice. Share your views through your comments. ALL THE BEST !!! with your dreams.

Personal Growth & Development

Hey there!! Again i am here with all of you sharing my thoughts on Personal Growth & Development. I am not an expert or a well established person but have faced some unfortunate circumstances and challenges where i have learned that personal growth is very much important for an individual to become strong headed and determined.

It’s always been heard that babies grow very fast but Is growth always confined to our childhood ? Does growth always been a physical growth ? 

Answering the first question growth is something which continues till the last breathe of the person. Growth is not associated with only one or two factors of the life but also with the wholesome development of an individual. Now , coming to the opinion of second question personal growth is something which is not only related to the physical growth but also mental growth. By mental growth we are more capable of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities and will be more determined in decision makings and goal achievement.

As we are discussing here about the Personal Growth , people generally means it in various ways the definition of personal growth can never be same for everybody it always depends upon the person’s priority, choices, likes & dislikes, perception, need & mentality. But the basic meaning of personal growth is self potential, self worthiness, self assessment and everything which is helpful and important for enhancement of your personality & persona.

Personal growth covers a major area of financial growth, personality development, quality of life, standardized way of living and also the basic things like : healthy & fit lifestyle, personal hygiene, good communication, attractive personality etc. Personal growth is a necessity for everybody either you are a student, mom, a working lady, a homemaker or a gentleman. Personal growth and development helps you to decorate and beautify your personality, makes you confident, reduces stress, brings positivity & integrity, create goodwill & responsible social image.

Now the question is How to make Personal Growth ?

So, let me tell you Personal growth is not very difficult making it just requires your patience and interest. To make the personal growth the most important thing which is required is :

  • Your awareness towards your weak points and strong will to overcome that weakness.
  • Regular practice towards improvement of your weak area.
  • Integrity towards your goal.
  • Positivity is an important thing.
  • Acceptance of changes occurred in your life while developing your personality.
  • Courage to face difficulties.
  • Strong will power.

Nothing can be happen in just one day, you have to prepare yourself for long term achievements and have patience while pursuing your goals. Persistence, Positivity and Confidence is the key of success so, never give up. There may be difficult path which stops you to develop and accept changes but the more you will face the difficulties the more you are determined towards your goal. My best wishes are with you keep developing yourself.


Role of Women in IT Industries

In the world of equality & empowerment, women got many privilege & facilities to work outside with full independence & dedication. Today there are many women industrialists who are partnered to acknowledge the exceptional women who have achieved success through their valuable leadership , innovation & commitment to their sectors.

If we talk sector specific, Tech has always been a predominantly male industry with iconic male entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg gaining the most recognition for their contributions to the sectors. In current scenario women make up less than 40% of the total workforce in some of the top tech companies and when considering only tech related roles they are even more under represented.

Women view the ICT (International Communications Technology) sector as male dominated & this is putting them off enterting the field , according to the International Communications Unions , the main partner for the international Girls in ICT ( Information & Communication Technology ) Day.

Gender of ICT Specialists in European Countries in 2014. (Image clicked from Eurostat)

Women are heavily involved in Pioneering & Developing computer industry but this changed when the technology sector began to be perceived as a ‘man’s world‘.

Stats of women in computer science ( Image clicked from PNR)

Apple has the highest proportion of female employees in tech roles, however this figure is still only 20%. At Twitter only 10% of tech positions are filled by women.

Presently women are playing a huge part too and more & more women are entering both regular and high level positions in tech with the big global firms such as Apple, Google, Facebook etc are hiring women 238% more than men.

How many Women are Working in Tech? ( Current Scenario )

1. 20% of all Tech Start-ups across the world were founded by women.

2. Chicago, Boston & Silicon Valley have the most tech start ups founded by women.

3. The number of women working for Facebook grew by 84% in 2015 compared to 16% increase of men & 83% more women joined Microsoft in 2015 , compared to 17% of men.

World’s most Powerful Women in Tech ( Top 4 )

According to Forbes 2017

1. Sheryl Sandberg

Amid the ongoing furor over ” fake news ” on facebook, Sandberg is pushing hard to head off increased regulations on social media companies.

2. Susan Wojcicki

Wojcicki’s commitment to diversity bears out in the numbers. The percentage of female employees at the company has increased from 24% to 30% during her tenure as CEO. YouTube has passes 1 billion hours of daily watch time worldwide.

3. Ginni Rometty

Rometty has been pushing ibm’s cloud and analytics products to counteract a decline in demand for legacy software products. In october the company had it’s best earning report in almost nine years.

4. Meg Whitman

The billionaire CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise was a rumored contender for the UBER CEO Job. Whitman stepped down from Hewlett – Packard’s board this year & joined Dropbox’s board.

Why do Women leave Tech?

1. 30% blame working conditions such as long hours, a long salary and no opportunity for career progression.

2. 27% put it down to work life balance stating they do not have enough time with their family and there is too much travel involved.

3. Some of the top reasons were a loss of interest in their job and problems with the company environment.

4. 24% of women who leave a tech role go on to a non technical role in a different company and 22% become self employed in a tech field.

How to Retain Women in Tech ?

1. Offer mentoring programs & networking opportunities can help staff to seek encouragement and assistance from others in industry.

2. Flexible working hours will ensure staff feel like they meet a good work life balance and have time for commitments outside of their jobs.

3. Providing opportunities for personal development is a large factor that people look for in a jobs and scope for promotions will improve retention rates.

References :

Turning Over a New Leaf 🍂

Turning, changing , dynamism these are the constant and bitter truth of life. They can occur at any time, any where. These are the factors which cannot be guarded or controlled by anyone, are the ongoing phases of life which can change our liveliness, way of conduct and situations.

Today i will be sharing my speculations on Life Changing Situations and It’s ups and downs through the short story of a girl. Explaining how her life changes in totally different direction in compared to her expectations.

When a child is born , he/she is innocent or unblemished. He/she is not aware of the world’s responsibilities, hardness and conditions. The only thing of which he/she is very close to is his/her mother’s love & care. The same happened with the girl i am talking of. She spents her full day with her mother.

With the passage of time when she is started growing up slowly she is introduced to her other family members. Following a few more drifts she is stepping out of her comfort zone and sent to school for learning. Being a kid it’s too difficult to go to school in initial days. It’s the place where she have to spent her full day without her momma. But after school when she came back to the home she found that her momma is not presenr in house, she searched her everywhere but she came to know tbat her momma went to her job as she is a working women. Changes started arriving in little girl’s life when she get to know that her momma is working & she had to give her full day to her job instead of her family & daughter.

The little girl engaged herself with school activities, friends and other family members, the bond of love she used to share with her mother is vanishing away slowly from her heart because she hardly gets time with her mother.

The time passes & she becomes a teenager. Teenage is the crucial time where the proper guidance from momma is much needed for a girl. But since she has grown up from a toddler, the concern is so less from her mother’s end. She faces everything alone and survives boldly in each and every situation. Manier times she has faced nightmares but there were no one to calm her down. There are some phases also where she has enjoyed a lot with her mother and entire family but by that time the closeness, the love she is expecting are vanished away and the entire moment is just like a family gathering for her. Facing all the ups and downs alone and taking decisions by her own she reached to the adulthood and joined university for higher studies there she make friends and established a good relationship with every one but in house situations remained same due to the lack of cohesiveness and understanding. Since days back to the school till adulthood , she is in search of cohesiveness , family love and motherhood.

Life turns over so drastically that the little has never thinked off. She is missing her past days when she was a toddler and her family along with her mother used to live together.

Today she is leading a good life style but without lovey dovey parentage moments and emotions. The outside moments she spent with her friends and mates are the only truth and happy part of her life

Know My India???

Well India, the name which everybody knows just as a country , has the second most populous democracy officially tittled the Republic of India , divided into thousands of socially exclusive castes and religions. So, we can say India has diverse culture and tradition.

Today i am writing this article on the auspicious occasion of India’s 72nd independence day to let you know that its not just a name of a country but a country full of love, incredible diversification and happiness. So let’s start.

As i have already told you about its demographies in the above phrases now its time to tell you about its speciality, its culture & its food. Indian culture comprises of many religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhism, Christianity and many more regional castes and religions. People from every caste and region lives in a very secular manner.

We celebrate lots of festivals together like Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Lohri etc. All the festivals are so delightful and represents love and brotherhood and togetherness.

I am sharing some pictures of our cultural festivals with you all.


Durga Puja



Apart from the festivals our major strength is our manpower. As i told you earlier that India is the second most populous country. We Indians shares the culture of joint family. A culture of joint family makes us strong and gives us strength to fight from reverse situations as our belief is ‘Unity in Diversity’. We enlight our houses with love, care, emotions and happiness. Family love is the most prior thing of every Indian citizen.

There is one more interesting specialty of us, we indians are big foodie. We are having end number of local and cultural dishes. Every region, every culture is having their specialty in end number of dishes in both veg and non veg domain. I would like to share few names and pictures of dishes with you all.

Dhuska from Jharkhand state

Thukpa from Sikkim

Tandoori chicken from Punjab

Fish curry from West Bengal

Vada Pav from Maharashtra

A combination of these factors has resulted into an exclusive Indian Culture. It is a composite mixture of varying styles and influences. Apart from food, family culture and festivals india also comprises of various folk, pop & classical music which are so melodious to listen.

So this is my India for you. Hope you all like it!! ♥

Beyond the basics of Personal Financial Management

Uncertainty is an important part of our life. It always comes silently into our life. To deal with these uncertainties we should always be ready with a backup plan which is known as Personal Financial Management. At the time of risk these financial funds act as a great help for you. So, let us discuss about the financial planning along with their advantages and steps to save money.

First of all i want to ask you all who doesn’t wants to become rich and stable in their life ??

The answer is Everybody. Every body wants to become rich and stable in their life but that’s not really very possible everytime. Everybody is lacking with one or other things in their life and finance is the major one.

Let us have a view on advantages of Personal Financial Management:

1. As we have discussed till now, it reduces risk of uncertainty.

2. Gives you a hypothetical future visibility.

3. Improve your budgeting skills.

4. Reduces unnecessary expenses.

5. Gives you security.

6. Makes you self dependent. And many more benefits like improvement in saving habits, enlargement in risk management areas etc.

After discussing about the advantages it is very important to discuss about the ways through which you can plan your finance.

1. First of all to start saving money you should prioritize your necessities.

2. Always make difference between your necessity and luxury.

3. Set up a financial goal.

4. Set up a budget for your expenditures.

5. Invest money in institutions with maximum returns.

6. Clear all your debts before saving.

7. Reduce your unnecessary expenses etc.

Even if you have adequate money, still you have to start saving for your future so that you will be capable of facing financial difficulties and give yourself a self security rather than depending on loans or other resources.

Love Across the Miles : A window to Long Distance relationship.

Relationships are the real jewels of an individual’s life. Either it is with parents , family, friends or partners. Our relationship gives us strength , power and motivation to be strong and brave in every situation. Relationships are so simple that a simple bonding with anyone can be considered as a relationship. But today we will discuss about Long Distance Relationship of Partners. Long distance is considered to be very critical phase in relationships. It’s the phase where your is partner is not around you and there is no physical and practical communication between you both. But obviously it is important to keep each other up to date on your promotions, achievements day to day activities. In this stage social media, video chats and phone calls are the only mode to get in touch with your partner.

Daily conversations should be there in your relationship , it helps you to understand your partner’s mood and fill the gaps of yours in your partners life. Likewise if they talk to you about their family and update you on lives of their family it means they are building bridge between you and their family and loved ones.

Consistent communication is a major factor in maintaining a solid bond with your partner whether they are in another city, state or country. You should always respect your partner’s feelings you should understand he/she trusts you, gives you space.

However there are phases where long distance relationships can turns into burden due to miscommunication , stress, tensions, lack of physical connectivity and obviously the distance. You should avoid these things as much as possible and take effort to nourish your relationship.

You can follow these tips when you are away from your partner :

1. Go for daily conversations. Update your partner about your daily schedule and activities. This leads to cover the gaps, they feel they are with you.

2. Try to avoid arguments.

3. Always take solution oriented steps in case of conflicts instead of messy conversations.

4. Trust your partner.

5. Stay away from misbehave and wildness. Every rude conversation creates distance and after sometime it may possible your partner start loving the distance.

6. Keep honest with your partner.

7. Keep loyal.

And there are many more tips to get in touch and make them feel special like you can surprise each other by secret visits, send online gifts etc.

So to keep happy in long distance relationships accept the things outside of your control and keep the things happening in flow. This will benefit you both not just as long distance couple but as a long term couple as well. With all honesty , look up into your relationship whether it is worth or not and take decisions accordingly.

Long distance relationships are bit difficult to continue but two loyal hearts can overcome the distance…That’s the power of love ♥

Personal Development (Pursuing Passions And Ambitions )

Personal development is a life long process. Its a way for people to assess their skill and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.

In order to develop our personality and overall persona its important to know what our passion is ? What are our ambitions ? And also are we walking on correct path in order to achieve our goal and develop our personality ?

In simple words , Passion is a feeling which makes us feel happy by pursuing some particular task or activities , also a hobby or enthusiasm which makes us satisfied and full of joy when we do something or achieve something of our wish.

Why passion is important ?

Passion is important because :

1. It makes us ambitious .

2. It helps us to differentiate between our most prior and favourite activities and secondary activities .

3. Gives us energy to pursue our favourite task.

4. Helps to recognise our interest.

5. Passion is no longer about money , job, promotions and work. Its all about interest and enthusiasm which motivates us to work harder .

If you want to taste success, the first thing is to figure out your passion. Next set up your personal development goals to meet your ambitions.