Why We Cannot Wait For Others To Acknowledge That We Are Depressed

Someone has to say” – these words are usually uttered before an excuse, an apology, an explanation for why someone did or didn’t do something.

These words are not sufficient to express our feelings of sadness and uneasiness. Here, I am using these words to share something about depression – something many of us have experienced in our lives.

One day, I sat down with some of my fellow students and we were discussing our lives. Somebody ignorantly made a remark about depression being a choice.

We continued the conversation about regular mood swings, loss of interest in almost everything, etc. Everyone has their different life stories, different life experiences and struggles.

Depression, stress from past experiences and struggles – these things make our lives often seem hopeless and stressful. But on the other hand, it also strengthens us in dealing with the worst situations and gives us the inspiration to fight against problems.

People usually laugh and say depression is a trend in today’s generation – that it’s all about the mental weakness of an individual. But the reality is that today’s stressful cultural environment is also a major factor in causing depression.

There are probably many people who are struggling to rid themselves of the exhaustion, helplessness, negativity and the lack of enthusiasm.

I think this topic has to be discussed a lot and instead of waiting for some miracle or for someone else to broach the topic, one must tackle it by themselves. This will help us to be strong enough to fight with the situations and chart out our own destiny rather than apologising for not doing anything.


4 thoughts on “Why We Cannot Wait For Others To Acknowledge That We Are Depressed

  1. All the articles define good feelings and passion . You are a good thinker , editor , analyst and psychologist . Your explosive ideas committed the beauty and strenght of thoughtful mission . I wish your success for popularity and bright future . Thanks , jyoti kiran .

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