Love Across the Miles : A window to Long Distance relationship.

Relationships are the real jewels of an individual’s life. Either it is with parents , family, friends or partners. Our relationship gives us strength , power and motivation to be strong and brave in every situation. Relationships are so simple that a simple bonding with anyone can be considered as a relationship. But today we will discuss about Long Distance Relationship of Partners. Long distance is considered to be very critical phase in relationships. It’s the phase where your is partner is not around you and there is no physical and practical communication between you both. But obviously it is important to keep each other up to date on your promotions, achievements day to day activities. In this stage social media, video chats and phone calls are the only mode to get in touch with your partner.

Daily conversations should be there in your relationship , it helps you to understand your partner’s mood and fill the gaps of yours in your partners life. Likewise if they talk to you about their family and update you on lives of their family it means they are building bridge between you and their family and loved ones.

Consistent communication is a major factor in maintaining a solid bond with your partner whether they are in another city, state or country. You should always respect your partner’s feelings you should understand he/she trusts you, gives you space.

However there are phases where long distance relationships can turns into burden due to miscommunication , stress, tensions, lack of physical connectivity and obviously the distance. You should avoid these things as much as possible and take effort to nourish your relationship.

You can follow these tips when you are away from your partner :

1. Go for daily conversations. Update your partner about your daily schedule and activities. This leads to cover the gaps, they feel they are with you.

2. Try to avoid arguments.

3. Always take solution oriented steps in case of conflicts instead of messy conversations.

4. Trust your partner.

5. Stay away from misbehave and wildness. Every rude conversation creates distance and after sometime it may possible your partner start loving the distance.

6. Keep honest with your partner.

7. Keep loyal.

And there are many more tips to get in touch and make them feel special like you can surprise each other by secret visits, send online gifts etc.

So to keep happy in long distance relationships accept the things outside of your control and keep the things happening in flow. This will benefit you both not just as long distance couple but as a long term couple as well. With all honesty , look up into your relationship whether it is worth or not and take decisions accordingly.

Long distance relationships are bit difficult to continue but two loyal hearts can overcome the distance…That’s the power of love ♥


4 thoughts on “Love Across the Miles : A window to Long Distance relationship.

  1. Really like ur blog….n surely whenever I will be in a long distance relationship again i’ll Follow all these rules…..


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