Turning Over a New Leaf 🍂

Turning, changing , dynamism these are the constant and bitter truth of life. They can occur at any time, any where. These are the factors which cannot be guarded or controlled by anyone, are the ongoing phases of life which can change our liveliness, way of conduct and situations.

Today i will be sharing my speculations on Life Changing Situations and It’s ups and downs through the short story of a girl. Explaining how her life changes in totally different direction in compared to her expectations.

When a child is born , he/she is innocent or unblemished. He/she is not aware of the world’s responsibilities, hardness and conditions. The only thing of which he/she is very close to is his/her mother’s love & care. The same happened with the girl i am talking of. She spents her full day with her mother.

With the passage of time when she is started growing up slowly she is introduced to her other family members. Following a few more drifts she is stepping out of her comfort zone and sent to school for learning. Being a kid it’s too difficult to go to school in initial days. It’s the place where she have to spent her full day without her momma. But after school when she came back to the home she found that her momma is not presenr in house, she searched her everywhere but she came to know tbat her momma went to her job as she is a working women. Changes started arriving in little girl’s life when she get to know that her momma is working & she had to give her full day to her job instead of her family & daughter.

The little girl engaged herself with school activities, friends and other family members, the bond of love she used to share with her mother is vanishing away slowly from her heart because she hardly gets time with her mother.

The time passes & she becomes a teenager. Teenage is the crucial time where the proper guidance from momma is much needed for a girl. But since she has grown up from a toddler, the concern is so less from her mother’s end. She faces everything alone and survives boldly in each and every situation. Manier times she has faced nightmares but there were no one to calm her down. There are some phases also where she has enjoyed a lot with her mother and entire family but by that time the closeness, the love she is expecting are vanished away and the entire moment is just like a family gathering for her. Facing all the ups and downs alone and taking decisions by her own she reached to the adulthood and joined university for higher studies there she make friends and established a good relationship with every one but in house situations remained same due to the lack of cohesiveness and understanding. Since days back to the school till adulthood , she is in search of cohesiveness , family love and motherhood.

Life turns over so drastically that the little has never thinked off. She is missing her past days when she was a toddler and her family along with her mother used to live together.

Today she is leading a good life style but without lovey dovey parentage moments and emotions. The outside moments she spent with her friends and mates are the only truth and happy part of her life


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