Personal Growth & Development

Hey there!! Again i am here with all of you sharing my thoughts on Personal Growth & Development. I am not an expert or a well established person but have faced some unfortunate circumstances and challenges where i have learned that personal growth is very much important for an individual to become strong headed and determined.

It’s always been heard that babies grow very fast but Is growth always confined to our childhood ? Does growth always been a physical growth ? 

Answering the first question growth is something which continues till the last breathe of the person. Growth is not associated with only one or two factors of the life but also with the wholesome development of an individual. Now , coming to the opinion of second question personal growth is something which is not only related to the physical growth but also mental growth. By mental growth we are more capable of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities and will be more determined in decision makings and goal achievement.

As we are discussing here about the Personal Growth , people generally means it in various ways the definition of personal growth can never be same for everybody it always depends upon the person’s priority, choices, likes & dislikes, perception, need & mentality. But the basic meaning of personal growth is self potential, self worthiness, self assessment and everything which is helpful and important for enhancement of your personality & persona.

Personal growth covers a major area of financial growth, personality development, quality of life, standardized way of living and also the basic things like : healthy & fit lifestyle, personal hygiene, good communication, attractive personality etc. Personal growth is a necessity for everybody either you are a student, mom, a working lady, a homemaker or a gentleman. Personal growth and development helps you to decorate and beautify your personality, makes you confident, reduces stress, brings positivity & integrity, create goodwill & responsible social image.

Now the question is How to make Personal Growth ?

So, let me tell you Personal growth is not very difficult making it just requires your patience and interest. To make the personal growth the most important thing which is required is :

  • Your awareness towards your weak points and strong will to overcome that weakness.
  • Regular practice towards improvement of your weak area.
  • Integrity towards your goal.
  • Positivity is an important thing.
  • Acceptance of changes occurred in your life while developing your personality.
  • Courage to face difficulties.
  • Strong will power.

Nothing can be happen in just one day, you have to prepare yourself for long term achievements and have patience while pursuing your goals. Persistence, Positivity and Confidence is the key of success so, never give up. There may be difficult path which stops you to develop and accept changes but the more you will face the difficulties the more you are determined towards your goal. My best wishes are with you keep developing yourself.



15 thoughts on “Personal Growth & Development

    1. I am glad that you liked my post.
      Thank you so much for reading and i suggest you to please make yourself growing and prosperous for coming opportunities.


  1. Yes, this is called growth mindset and something I am a strong proponent of. This is also a concept that we stress in the high-school where I teach. So if a student tells me, “I’m terrible at writing/grammar/etc.,” I help her reframe her thinking and instead say, “How can I improve at reading/writing/grammar?”

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    1. Hi.. Thanks for reading ♥.
      You can improve reading, grammar and writing by reading more articles if you don’t have that much time you can read small phrases. You can also note down those phrases and try to understand the grammar and tenses which are used. You can also give online grammar tests to improve your tenses.
      Hope i could helped you out 😊

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